Over the past weeks, I’ve had some great conversations regarding Confirmation, everything from the “requirements” of attendance and our expectations for over busy families and youth, as well as conversations about where families find community outside of the church (gasp) and how sometimes those communities are the church for those families.

(Please note, I understand the beauty of the church and the community of believers, the importance of worshipping together and partaking in communion, I’ll address this a bit later.)

I’ve also had a couple of conversations and am reading a bunch about Post-Christendom and the effect this is having on the church, specifically youth ministry. This stuff really intrigues me, challenges me and frustrates me.

But I also have a lot of thoughts on this, so I think my next series of posts will be surrounding some of these thoughts and topics and conversations. Not sure I have a title for these yet, so be on the look out!

Again, my blog posts are a way for me to verbalize and process some of what I have in my gut, so I hope you will join the conversation if you have something to add, I’m on a journey of trying to make sense of ministry with youth and their families in a way that captures their imagination and intrigues them to connect more with their faith in meaningful ways, not because they are being made to do it, but because they want to and are excited!

Stay tuned!


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