The Past Weeks…


Well, here I am…no longer at Bethel and not yet at First. The weeks in between the ending and the beginning of something new…

It is only day two of this two week time frame, and I’m going slightly crazy…I say slightly as I’m finding time to relax a bit, played some Halo 3 online for the first time since I have had my Xbox…(I’m really not good at all). I’m also sitting in a Caribou typing this and reading some of the narrative of First Lutheran, listening to music and relaxing!

I’m hopeful this time in between will also give me some more time to fully comprehend the blessing that Bethel has been in the past 10 years of my life. It has been a bit of a whirlwind leading up to my last Sunday at Bethel. Passing off ministries, saying “see you later” to many of the staff, youth, children, families and members, and off course the emotional moments of my last Sunday. Through the kind words of families, youth, children and college young people, it was a great reminder of God’s work in, through and around me. It was truly amazing to be part of something so great for so long!

But I’m also excited to start at First. To learn more about our new church home and to see where my gifts and passions will connect with the church and continue to grow and be challenged. I think this happens to most people in this in between time, when you end something and are waiting to start something new. It can be excited and yet nerve wrecking as the same time.

Throughout all of it though, we have seen God at work. Things are lining up in ways we didn’t expect or even think about. It is certainly a comfort to know God is at work and recognizing His work is helping us move forward. I try not to over spiritualize things, it makes me uncomfortable, and at the same time there are moments in life when it is undeniably the work of God working in life.

The past weeks I have seen this work and for that I’m forever thankful and at peace with what is next for our family and the ministry of which I get to participate in!

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts these past weeks as well, we feel blessed and humbled by the responses and excitement surrounding this adventure!


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