Below you will read my resignation letter for my position at Bethel. This was sent to the congregation last week. I may post more about this in the coming weeks, but thought I would give a heads up to those of you whom I do not get to talk with on a consistent basis.

As you can read below, it is both sad and exciting for me and my family. We have felt a peace about the process. We are grieving the idea of leaving our church family, neighborhood, friends and school. At the same time we are excited to join a welcoming community in Cedar Rapids and the opportunities for growth and new beginnings! We appreciate your prayers and encouragement in the coming weeks!

August 7th, 2013

To the Bethel Council and Congregation-

It is with a sad and thankful heart that I am writing this letter to submit my resignation as Director of Youth Ministries at Bethel.

During my almost ten years of ministry at Bethel, I have learned so much about community, ministry, life and faith. Bethel has given me the opportunity to grow both spiritually and in ministry. Your support has meant a lot to my family and I, and we will be grateful for your continued support.  Sunday, September 15th, will be my last Sunday at Bethel. Between now and then I hope to connect with many of you and offer my thanks.

I have accepted a ministry position in Cedar Rapids, IA as the Director of Teen Ministry at First Lutheran Church. We are excited and nervous about this next step in our family’s life and I appreciate your prayers as my family and I prepare to transition to a new city, ministry, school, community and church.

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for Bethel, its staff and members. It has been exciting to see how Bethel continues to connect faith with families and how it has continued to support the youth.

Again, thank you for your support over the years and I look forward to celebrating the ministry of Bethel in the coming weeks.


Michael Beckmann


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