Something New Follow-up

I’ve been reading a bit in the past few weeks, making a point to read and take sometime out of the office to do it. Through this process I’m also trying to blog more frequently as a way to process through some of my own thoughts from the readings.

Currently I’m reading The Gospel According to Starbucks by Leonard Sweet. I’m not sure where this showed up on my radar, but I picked it up in an order on Amazon awhile back and just starting to really dig into it. I know I may be late to the game here as the book was published in the early 2000’s, but so much of what the book highlights, is at the forefront of my thoughts right now, especially as it relates to worship.

After my last post a couple of other bloggers (who are far above my reach in readership and clout on these topics) blog some similar posts related to worship and the way we teach/preach and interact. Adam McLane and Adam Cleveland Walker consistently blog intriguing and thought provoking posts. These conversations are certainly connecting in my mind and push me to challenge what I do in my own ministry specifically with high school youth. Their ideas also connect with The Gospel According to Starbucks.

So, back to the book…

Sweet uses the acronym EPIC when thinking about faith and the church. Experiential, Participatory, Image rich, and Connective makes our faith EPIC. Each chapter unpacks each letter in a way that impacts not only our personal faith, but also how the church interacts with it’s members or those coming to the church. And he frames all of this within how Starbucks had risen to the top of the coffee shop market, by doing these things. It really is fascinating to read and think about how not only Starbucks, but other brands and shops have similar EPIC dynamics happening. (If you’ve not read the book, I think it is a worth a look especially if you are rethinking things.)

Instead of jamming my understandings/thoughts of EPIC into this blog post, I’ll use the next few weeks to unpack them with separate blog posts, plus that gives me some writing/thinking material for some more posts.

What do you think about the above articles or the book The Gospel According to Starbucks? Agree or Disagree?


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