Inspiration for Faith

As I watched this video play, I could not help but think about the process of faith formation. Specifically this statement:

Our left brain world too often believes in forming young minds by spoon feeding, over instructing, and constantly directing. But we challenge the idea that what is wonderfully original and spontaneous in all of us should never be standardized, quantified and judged.

As I’ve written before, the process of faith formation or discipleship tends to skip over gaining a better understanding of who God has created our young people to be and how he has uniquely created them to share His love. Paul even writes it in his letter to the Ephesians, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (2:10, NLT)

At the congregation I serve, at the end of the confirmation process, we ask our youth to write a faith paper. We have an outline of questions for our youth to answer, or they can write about a specific story in which their faith was impacted. While these papers are not all bad, I have, on more than one occasion, wondered whether the writer was convinced of what they were writing. Or if they wrote because they “had to”. I have also wondered, if a youth is not good at writing, or has a hard time putting ideas down on paper, how do they express their faith?

So this year, we are introducing something different. We are still offering our youth to write a paper if they would like to, but we are also offering the opportunity to step outside of the box. We are offering another way to engage in the articulation of their faith with a faith project.

Using the Multiple Intelligence approach, we are going to explore different ways for our youth to explore their faith. Through photography, drawing, music, dancing, and other ways, my hope is for our youth to connect with their own passion and how that passion can point others to God.

I have no idea what the results will be! I have no idea if this will fall flat on it’s face. Or if every young person will write a faith paper, because it is comfortable. Who knows?

Here’s what I do know, we are offering the opportunity for our young people to create and connect with God through their passions! We are hoping our young people will connect with their ability to express their faith in God in different and meaningful ways.

Our faith in God is spontaneous and wonderfully original because the Spirit is at work within us! Each in our own unique way!

In what ways are you allowing God’s Spirit to show up within your own life? Or in the life of the young people around you?

Special thanks to my friend Sandy, whom you can follow over here, she posted this video not too long ago. (She has given me a new appreciation for crayons. Not only because we have colored together, but because she has written about the space to create.)


5 thoughts on “Inspiration for Faith

  1. Great insights! I am a youth pastor and help the pastor teach confirmation. Having the students do a faith project and using their imagination is an awesome idea.

    1. Hey Clinton- Thanks for the comment! I’m looking forward to exploring what this means for our confirmation youth and how it works into our larger congregation as well!

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