What if……..?

You could try to convince the emerging generations that they ought to value the tools you’ve always used, that they should want to take care of them, that they’re going to need them someday, that they should want to pass them down to their children.

Or, you could complain about the fact that these kids just don’t appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Or, you could suck it up and bless them on their next wild adventure.

The quote above comes from this article written at the HuffingtonPost by Derek Penwell. I don’t know Penwell enough to say much about him, but like it or not, his article speaks more truth than we might be willing to admit to.

I have two children. Two children whom I hope and pray will continue in the faith my wife and I have tried to teach them in their early lives. The faith of which we hope they have experienced in their early lives.

So when reading the article, I started to wonder what they will think of the Church, or “my” Church. I also started to wonder what the Church will look like for them, when they are young adults. As Penwell states, they are centered around adventure and experience. Does the Church inspire adventure and experience? Will the Church be something different? Will it need to be something different?

If I’m really honest with myself, I would have to say I hope it looks different. Not different in it’s foundation of Christ, but different in how it interacts with the world and with this generation and the next.


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