Unpacking the tweets…

I have had many conversations over the past week about my Twitter activity from last week. I guess you could say they were questions rather than conversations. But nonetheless the reason for my sporadic tweeting and sometimes confusing tweets.

When I’m at a conference or seminar, I tweet my notes.

There you have it. I tweet random and sometimes confusing things because I’m taking notes. (In amongst the tweets of interesting book passages, from my kindle app on my iPad, pictures of my kids, or my wives responses to watching Parenthood. If you have not watched at least one episode of Parenthood, you are missing out, no seriously watch it.)

Last week Tuesday I was at a You Lost Me Live event in the Twin Cities. The event is a follow-up to the book. David Kinneman presented some information from the book to around 600 church and business people. (David, the speaker, author and President of Barna, kept referencing “business people” but I think we were mostly “church people”) Unfortunately I was on kid duty in the afternoon and was not able to be at most of the afternoon session, but my friend and extraordinary blogger, Sandy Troyan, continued the tweeting!

So over the next couple of days/weeks, I’m going to revisit my tweets and comment on them in reference to the dialogue at the You Lost Me Live event. Hopefully this will remind me of what I was thinking when I tweeted and help me continue the conversations. The book and event has too much information to be ignored, especially by those who work for/love/are concerned for the future of the Church.

So check back in the following days and hopefully join in the conversation.

How do you take notes? Handwritten? Laptop/Tablet? Tweets? Other…


2 thoughts on “Unpacking the tweets…

  1. Since I am back on Twitter, can you remind me of the sign I need to enter to get people’s comments on the “You Lost Me” conference last week?

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