Amongst the craziness of my children getting ready for a busy day, Hannah officially starts 2nd Grade today and Caden unofficially starts Kindergarten today, I’m reminded of a great blessing of being in my current position for 9 years! It was 9 years ago in which I walked across the parking lot from our house we were renting. Coming into my office and bringing many of the boxes of stuff. I really had no idea what to expect or really what I was doing…

Now 9 years, 2 children, 6 cars, 1 house and a load of memories later, my family has been lifted up by the great people of this congregation, my coworkers and our neighbors! We have been blessed to be entrenched in our community is great ways.

I was reading Andy Root’s new book on theology and youth ministry and can relate to the fictional youth director in his story. (I highly recommend this book and the series, I’ll be posting some thoughts on the first book in the near future.) Thinking about purpose and hopes for a youth ministry is something I have grown to better understand, both through my seminary education as well as the conversation with co-workers, congregational members and friends. I believe these conversations have challenged me and compelled me to think differently about youth ministry and my role as youth director. It is in these conversations and challenges that I have grown from the wide eyed first position young adult 9 years ago, to the husband, father and youth director I am today.

So as my family embarks on another new season of life, having two children in school, I’m hopeful to continue to be challenged both in life and ministry and to continue to grow and shape the future of my children and the future of the church.


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