What’s the Point of Book Sleeves?

It’s been some time since my last post, so instead of jumping into something deep and interesting, I’m going to allow myself to rant a bit about something completely useless and random, but nonetheless something I’ve been forced to think about. Enjoy!

So as I worked through the years of courses for my masters degree, every time I ordered books online, I would receive a number of them with book sleeves. At first I thought they were interesting and gave the book a bit more to entice me to pick it up and actually read it.

I packed books with covers into my bag with my laptop and other folders for studying at home and in my office. I would move the books in and out of my bag constantly trying to keep track of the sleeves, making sure they didn’t tear or slip off. The sleeves did work well as a book mark, but as time went on I really started to dislike the sleeves, so I started to take them off and collect them on my book shelf.

I can understand if books have a pretty plain book cover and need to entice readers to look past just the cover to read it, but now some books are coming out with hardcover designs AND book sleeves, which look much like the same cover. So again what’s the point?

Okay, now I feel better! My next post will be something more interesting, I hope!

Do you have a good reason or theory for why book sleeves are needed? Leave a comment to help me understand!


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