The End DC*B (Part 4)

So where does this leave us? DC*B as a band is done, what “done” means is left for interpretation. After the band released the album (it was #1 on iTunes for a few days, beating out the Postal Service new album released on the same day. That has to say something about DC*B.) The band released a video in their Rockumentary series “What, The Band’s Over?” What is interesting is the ending, and it had my head whirling around and around.

From looking into it further it looks/sounds/reads like Jack Parker, Mark Waldrop, Jeremy “B-Wack” Bush and Mike Dodson are opening a studio, asterisksounds, and possibly recording some more music. As Jack Parker hilariously announces “What if I made music even better than the Beiber Christmas album?” at the end of the Rockumentary.  Most of this information comes from the guys’ twitter feed and photos they’ve been posting. What will David Crowder and Mike Hogan do isn’t quite clear, hopefully both of them will continue to create meaningful music or writings of which bring us a clearer view of God.

So the band leaves it at that. They have brought us, or me personally, along for the journey, from a college church band to one of the most well known “worship” bands we will probably ever know. And they leave me with hope. Hope that worship music will be more about authentically trying to connect with God through our words and voices. A hope that connecting our emotions to the words we sing can give us a better connection with a God who is beyond our ability to fully comprehend.

But it also gives me hope that worship music can still stir up within me a passion for worshiping a God in a fun and vibrant way, with electric game guitar controller awesomeness, turntables, Mario Bros. music, vintage church hymns, reflective lyrics, and rock anthem singalongs! What DC*B did for me and for worship music will have resounding affects on the worship of God for years to come. Thanks guys for a great run. God is, was, and will continue to be glorified by your music.


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