The End DC*B (Part 2)

So we were set to see DC*B in Minneapolis at First Ave in Oct, with Gungor (another fantastic “worship band”), John Mark McMillan (another one of my favorites) and Chris August (I don’t know too much about this guy). On May 21st I was disappointed by the news DC*B would be disbanding, in fact the 7 Tour would be their last together as a band and their new album releasing Jan. 2012 would be their final recording. In a matter of days the concerts on the tour started to sell out and I was extremely excited and thankful that we had tickets.

The concert night was great, with great music from both John Mark and Gungor. The night seemed to go by far too fast for my liking as DC*B played for roughly 45mins or so. It definitely left me wanting a bit more from a band which shaped much of my respect for today’s worship music. It. Was. Far. To. Short. I did come away from the night with a preorder of their final album and the first single “Let Me Feel You Shine”. And that isn’t to say the whole concert wasn’t good. The guys did play music from all of their releases and had a fantastic sing along with John Mark, Gungor and Chris August on the John Mark original “How He Loves” a hit from DC*B’s Church Music album. This was the highlight of the night for me.  In my head it was the passing of the torch, for the past years DC*B has lead the worship music landscape in my mind, and John Mark and Gungor are the ones who will continue to push the genre in a new and meaningful way. (More on this in another post)

In between they released a Christmas album, two of the songs on the album our youth band at church played for our congregational Christmas concert. The beauty of DC*B is their ability to take some traditional hymns and make them original and interesting again. Some of the songs like this blur the line between traditional and contemporary (what ever that term means these days). This is something I appreciate about DC*B, growing up in a traditional setting and being a part of a contemporary setting in college, there was a yearning within me to find a balance and appreciation for both, specifically with worship music. DC*B has done this, and I appreciate it.

It was with anticipation that I awaited the final album download. What was next for the band, where would this final album take us, what was going to be their exclamation point, and why stop now? All these questions were swirling in my head as the day approached.


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