The End DC*B (Part 3)

So this brings us to the actual album release date. I had to wait to download the album until I had access to my laptop due to the preorder being in a zip file. Again the actual downloading of their final album was bitter sweet, this would be the final time downloading an album by DC*B, while at the same time I wanted to see where they would take me on their journey of making music.

Because we play many of their worship songs with our youth band I had the mindset that the band would be writing for this purpose, to bring songs for the church to sing. As I listened to the album the first time I was waiting to hear an anthem or song I could bring to our youth band and play for worship in the future. DC*B had brought me hope and most of the songs we were singing for worship came from the band, so as I listened I tried to listen for songs which we could use. I obviously missed something when listening to the album the first couple of times. There are some songs which we could sing together in corporate worship, but not as many as I was expecting. So to say I found what I was looking for would be accurate. But I was missing something, something big that would make this album all the more worth it in the end.

The album seemed to be a little to simple for the guys who have taken us on so many different journeys over the years. There had to be something more to this album. So I looked deeper into the meaning of the album’s title Give Us Rest or (a requiem mass in c [the happiest of all keys]) and I found the real beauty of the album. I did a search on Google for the meaning of requiem mass. What I found was a method beyond me, found in the chaos of the album and it was absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t until this time that I could fully appreciate the work the guys put into this album format and the songs made to pull it all together. It is a piece of art within a historical frame. Requim Mass is also known as Mass for the Dead. This title is another example of how thoughtful the guys are when making music and putting it out there. Mass for the Dead in the happiest of all keys, is an oxymoron, but one I didn’t pick up on until really thinking about it. We are saying good bye to a great band, but it isn’t supposed to be a sad occasion, we are to celebrate the life of the band and the impact they have had on us.

As I continued to look at the explanation of Requiem Mass and saw the parallels in the setup of the two disc album, the entrance, plea, sequences, etc I became more aware of these connections to my won grieving process. I know it feels weird to talk about a band ending and my own grieving, and I know there are far more things around me that need more attention, but at the same time this is a band that has had an impact on how I worship God is some really deep ways, so I do believe the band ending is something for me to grieve as a great loss.

Now I listen to the album with a different focus. From looking for the next worship song to sing, I’m now listening to a masterpiece telling a story from beginning to end. Although the story is the end of a great band, I can appreciate their need to close this chapter of their lives and continue to seek God through their gifts.


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